Poon’s Wontoneria x Mixology with Olly

Fresh DIY wonton kits by Poon’s Wontoneria, accompanied by exquisite cocktails by Mixology with Olly.

Pizzeria /ˌpiːtsəˈriːə,ˈpɪtsəriːə/ – A place where pizzas are made and sold.
Gelataria /dʒəˌlatəˈɹiːə/ – A shop that sells gelato.
Taqueria /ˌtɑːkəˈriːə/ – A Mexican restaurant specialising in tacos.

Wontoneria /ˈwɒntənəˈɹiːə/ – A place where the most delectable dumplings, resembling clouds, are made and served for you to swallow with celestial satisfaction…


MWO x Poon’s Playlist