Poon’s Wontoneria

Poons Wontoneria, described by TimeOut as a ‘legend’ returning to London, has joined the Big Night menu with DIY dumpling kits, perfectly paired with cocktails by Mixology with Olly. Read more

Amy Poon is the daughter of restaurateur Bill Poon who owned the first Chinese restaurant to be awarded a Michelin Star in 1980, has carried on the family mantle with her Wontoneria. Amy’s wontons have gained a cult following, so you can imagine how excited we are to launch their finish-at-home kits on Big Night, bringing you not only the flavour but the craft of wonton making from the Poon family.

Pizzeria /ˌpiːtsəˈriːə,ˈpɪtsəriːə/ – A place where pizzas are made and sold.
Gelataria /dʒəˌlatəˈɹiːə/ – A shop that sells gelato.
Taqueria /ˌtɑːkəˈriːə/ – A Mexican restaurant specialising in tacos.

Wontoneria /ˈwɒntənəˈɹiːə/ – A place where the most delectable dumplings, resembling clouds, are made and served for you to swallow with celestial satisfaction.. 

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